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Marriage and Family Therapist

Hello and welcome. Taking the time to consider asking for support is not easy and is a profound first step. We all carry painful, confusing, and difficult experiences with us. Maybe you are moving through a transition, feeling as though familiar habits aren’t working for you anymore, navigating a betrayal of trust, or something else entirely. Regardless, my hope for you is that you see that you have options, see that you have strength, and see that you have courage.

Professional Experience

I am a couple and family therapist who uses contextual theory. Basically, this means considering both what we deserve from others and what they deserve from us, and being able to sit with the knowledge of who we are while also witnessing others as they are. I have experience working with individuals, couples, and families with concerns like infidelity, welcoming a new family member, adult children moving back home, compulsive sexual behavior, changes in relationship status, changes in health status, coming out, and depression/anxiety.

As a couple and family therapist, I understand we are embedded in a context – think Russian nesting dolls. Individuals are in families, which are in states, in countries, in cultures. Unlike the dolls, however, the boundaries between us are not hard and fast. We influence and shape each other. Because of that, I believe in the healing power of connection – connection to self and connection to others. Whether you are seeking relational or individual therapy, I understand that you and your relationships don’t exist in isolation and I will seek to support all of you in honoring your identities and being mindful of how you exist in other contexts. This might involve exploring legacies you have inherited from your family, stories you have been told, expectations around giving and receiving care, and the influence of your unique histories. With curiosity and compassion, we can continue to move further in freedom and health. I would be honored to partner with you in that journey through our work together.

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